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  • Home Palettes for 2017

    Monday, September 25, 2017   /   by Jennifer Jordan

    Home Palettes for 2017


    PANTONE: Home Palettes for 2017

    • Pantone Florabundant Palette
      Florabundant from the PANTONE® View: home + interiors 2017 forecast.

    PANTONE® View home + interiors 2017 is grounded in the present, promotes walks in the forest, encourages lighthearted daydreaming, advocates for the environment and generally endeavors to address consumer lifestyles and aspirations, rather than the dated concept of simply forecasting color preference.

    One of the best ways to get a early read on this forecasting approach is a tour of Pantone’s display at the International Home & Housewares Show, held March 5-8 at Chicago’s McCormick Place. Both product installations and compelling signage make the case for incoming color stories. Plus, an on-message keynote from Pantone Color Institute Executive Director Leatrice Eiseman — she spoke to a packed house on March 7 — offers a blueprint. Here’s a recap of the nine incoming themes:

    Native Instincts
    Rather than decorate within the color, pattern and décor boundaries of a single tribe or indigenous culture, Native Instincts brings together disparate colors, patterns and objects. Consider a piece of Native American pottery shown with Turkish kilim carpet and a pre-Columbian artifact. Color is the connective tissue, specifically copper tones and mineral hues such as Malachite Green, Violet Quartz and Bright Gold.

    Along with the hues in this lavish and lush palette — Pink Yarrow, Chrysanthemum, Red Dahlia and Baton Rouge red, for instance — Eiseman predicted a rise in large-scale floral patterns, too.

    Acquired Taste
    Texture is as integral to this palettes as the warm tones that span the range between orange and red. It’s a tasty palette evokes the rye spirits and artisanal beers — colors such as Orange Chiffon, Amberlight, Etruscan Red, Mulberry and Brandied Melon are rounded out with Pale Gold accents.

    Day Dreaming
    Pantone bills this palette as “a series of pleasant thoughts that distract our attention from the present.” The colors are light — read: pastels will still be strong in 2017 — and include the 2016 co-colors of the year, Rose Quartz and Serenity. Blue Glow, Plein Air, Yellow Iris and Nile green are mates.

    Forest Bathing
    Understanding this palette — for starters, it’s a direct translation of the Japanese practice of “Shinrin-yoku” — requires a connection with nature. It’s a walk in the forest and admiration of “fallen leaf colors,” Eiseman explained. Green and blue-greens dominate alongside accents of Grape Kiss and Acid Lime.

    Raw Materials
    “This palette is beyond trend, it’s lifestyle,” Eiseman told show attendees. Oil Yellow, Faded Denim, Winter Twig, Argyle Purple and Zephyr pink are among the hues that reflect consumer desire to live healthfully and make repurposing and reusing materials — from both nature and industry — a habit.

    Graphic Imprints
    This canvas begins with black and white, next shades of gray highlight. Then, add vibrant accent color(s). Of the brilliant pop options on tap for 2017 — Dazzling Blue, Prism Pink, Fandango Pink, Opaline Green and Orange Popsicle — Eiseman singled out Blazing Yellow as “really important.”

    This most structured and traditional of the Pantone home and interiors palettes for 2017, it still offers some surprise: Maritime Blue, Specia Tini, Dusty Blue, Rattan and Parchment combine in unexpected, though pleasing, ways with upstarts Martini Olive, Bird’s Egg Green and Sugar Almond.

    At Ease
    The easiest way to envision the At Ease palette is simply to imagine a grayed-down version of the Day Dreaming palette. What’s noteworthy here, though, is the effortless way it presents cool and warm neutrals together. Sea Fog meets Orchid Haze and Twilight Mauve, for example, or Warm Sand and Zen Blue align with a cool aqua hue called Sea Angel.

    For more coverage of incoming colors trends and forecasts, be sure to following us on Facebook and Instagram. The next edition of the International Home & Housewares Show runs March 18-21 at Chicago’s McCormick Place.

    • Pantone Acquired Taste Palette
      Acquired Taste from the PANTONE® View: home + interiors 2017 forecast.
    • Pantone Graphic Imprints Palette
      Graphic Imprints from the PANTONE® View: home + interiors 2017 forecast.

    Pantone Day Dreaming Palette